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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

swim team 2018- Pop-a-licious and her coach

my girls swam their first swim meet of the season this past week.  pops, who tends to be a freestyler, hadn't quite found her focus.  she was swimming fine, but not quite digging deep.

 i, as a mom am cool with her jumping into the water and having fun, have met my match with our coach who taps into her full potential.  he pushes her in a beautiful way, to find her best.

this past saturday, we arrived at the pool a smidge early.  upon hitting the pool deck, the amazing coach brett approached my fam.  as per his usual, he gave fist bumps and encouragement to the family buser.  and then he paused.  he looked at pops and said, "girl!  if you give me a one breather today, i will give you a baby bottle pop from the snack shack."  she was IN.

her event arrived and baby girl approached the blocks.  i grabbed her towel and headed towards the other end of the pool prepared to warm her up post event.  i had forgotten about the deal.  i was just worried on keeping her motivated for the remainder of the day.  warmth goes a long way.

rewind for a minute.

a few weeks ago, baby girl was fitted for a roof expander at our local orthodontist.  pops, who tends to be emotional and dramatic, has rocked the new appliance in her mouth.  she shows up every other day for "expanding".  she has been easy breezy... which is unlike her.

the night before the swim meet, baby girl reclined on the couch for the expansion "crank" that momma has been implementing.  when i went in for the expansion, i noticed a roof full of food.

"pops!  do you want me to get that out for you?"

pops- "nope.  i'm all good.  it's just a carrot."

"pops!  are you sure?  i have a tool that can pull that right out!"

pops-  "nope.  i'm all good.  it will come out eventually."

fast forward to the swim meet.

pops hits the other side of the pool and kills her time and knocks out a one breather.  after the ceremonial hand-shake with her lane neighbors, she exited the pool to be met by her momma with warm towel in hand.

"pops!  that was awesome!  did you just do a one breather?"

pops- "yep!"

"yay!  i am so proud of you!"

pops-  "where is coach brett?  i need my baby bottle pop!"

momma remembering the bet, "let's go find him!"

pops- "oh, and the carrot came out."

"while you were smimming?"

pops- "yep.  i told you it would come out."

and off she went.