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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


my middle girl cannot possibly be turning 10!  say it ain't so!

but somehow it is very true.  as i write this, west coast time on the 26th of december, it is the exact hour in the central time zone that scott and i headed for the hospital ten years ago.

time goes by too fast.

as i usually do on this birth-versary, i re-read my birth story of d.

and ten years later, i marvel that her way into the world is very congruent with who she is today.  my d is easy.  she wants little fuss or fanfare. she doesn't want to be the center of anything but often, because of her joy, finds herself getting noticed.

while i know that a newborn has no control over their infancy, it is interesting to me that my d, always one to sacrifice her own needs for the needs of those around her, went right to sleep after she was born.  intrinsically, she knew her momma needed sleep, and she yielded to give me what i needed instead of getting fussy about the business of being alive.  i remember vividly the nurse coming in to check my vitals several hours later, waking me from a slumber.  i was in disbelief as i looked over to discover that on my queen birthing bed were my new d and my scooter seriously engaged in the business of sleep.  i worried for a moment that something was wrong, reaching over to touch my beanie clad newborn's heart.  all was well.  we slumbered for a bit longer and then woke to start the business of day one with this precious babe.

at ten, my girl is rocking strong.  she is a leader- not in a trailblazing way but in a tone setting way.  she can set the tone of a room.  her buy-in matters to her peers and she tries hard to go with the vibe that is best for the group.  if she doesn't buy in, she waits until safely in the confidence of her momma to express her discontent.  she goes to great lengths to keep the peace.

she despises drama.  this girl, would happily shrug off just about anything instead of engaging in mess.  she has opinions about everything.  i mean everything.  but she won't share them in a negative or hurtful way.  when girls get nasty, she tries to encourage.  if that doesn't work, she finds new girls.

she knows how to yield.  she will sacrifice self in ways that astonish me.

she is still silly.  she still has a belly laugh that can evoke giggles from just about anyone in earshot. she has a heart for the hurting and doesn't tolerate anything mean spirited.  she calls that out quick.

she is willing to try many a thing, but when she found her THING, she was also willing to sacrifice lots of other things she loved to do that ONE thing (dance).  it is hard to shell out cash for kid's activities.  however, this kid embraces it in ways that i can't comprehend.  she doesn't complain, she works hard, she appreciates.  dance is her jam and she rocks that out with tenacity.

she loves tradition, making her favorite people smile (currently i am still one of them), loves giggles with her sisters, quality time with her dad and organization.  she REALLY likes order in her world.  she frequently offers life-hacks that she has seen on you-tube and is always on the ready to help.  if i need help with a project or cleaning or errands...  she's my sidekick.  she likes to cook and expand her  culinary palette, willing and ready to try just about anything.

but like all kids, she has some setbacks.  do not make baby girl late.  she can't do it.  a bad hair day is the real thing around here.  call on her when she doesn't know the answer- she doesn't like it.  an outfit that doesn't work, d-bugs can come unglued...  fast.  looking for things is not a skill she has mastered.  literally- it can be right in front of her and she just can't see it.  it is a true disability.

as i look at her, i anticipate her next few years.  i can only hope that she will cling to the joy that she possesses and rock out her best self.  i hope that she will continue to despise drama and cling to selflessness and self-confidence.  i pray that she continues to love Jesus, her family and doing what is right.

happy happy, d-bugs!  we love you ALL THE LOVES.